“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
Vanquishing The Invisible will be displayed at the California State Fair during Military and
Veteran Appreciation Day, July 18th continuing on July 19th in the Fine Arts Building 7
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Thank you for your interest in “Vanquishing the Invisible”. From the beginning, you recognized the value and importance of bringing these portraits and stories to the public. We truly appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.
Kiyo Sato
U.S. Air Force
My father said of his children: "I don't want anyone rich or famous. I just want nine good citizens."
And so it happened. My five brothers and I served in the military. Steve volunteered in 1942 immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack and was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, later transferring to the segregated 442nd Regimental Combat Team. In 1944 Don served with the Military Intelligence Service in Japan. Ronald was stationed in Hawaii and Peter in California. George served in Korea. In 2011 the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award, was given to all members of the 442nd RCT and to the MIS, including my brothers Steve and Don.
Under Executive Order 9066, those with one-sixteenth or more "Japanese blood" were incarcerated. I became prisoner #25217-C. Upon release from Poston Concentration Camp II, I volunteered for the Navy but was rejected because of my color. In 1951, with a nursing degree from Case Western Reserve University, I was accepted into the US Air Force Nurse Corps and assigned to the officers' ward at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. My assignments included Clark Field in the Philippines and the FEAM COM Hospital in Japan during the Korean conflict. In 1952, I was discharged with the rank of captain.
When our soldiers returned the most highly decorated unit in US history, they were not accepted into the National VFW, so the Nisei organized their own Posts. I serve as Post Surgeon and chair our Speakers Bureau, Veterans of Foreign Wars Nisei Post 8985, Sacramento, California. For thirty years we have been speaking to thousands of students from elementary to college level on “LESSONS FROM OUR LIFETIME: The Internment of Americans of Japanese Descent and the United States Constitution.” We also have many requests from nursing homes for our Post 8985 Ukulele/ Hula group, of which I am the oldest dancer at ninety-six.
I have four precious children by adoption and five grandchildren, a part of the five generations of multiracial "good citizens" my father wished for.
We received the highest praise on the surveys and in personal comments affirming this project touches viewers in a deep and profound way. Their use of words like, “powerful”, “enlightening”, “passionate”, “thought-provoking”, and (we really liked this one) “take it national” reinforces our belief in this critically important exhibit.
However, “Vanquishing the Invisible” cannot continue - or grow - its outreach without your support. We would be honored if you would take a moment to help fund this project.
There’s so much more we can accomplish if we do it together. Your support will help others attend future exhibits and continue the outreach to new audiences.
Thanks to you, these stories and portraits are possible.

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“Women Veterans are often assumed to be spouses of a veteran. We are on a mission to change that assumption. Working together, we can not only change perceptions but bring to light the vast achievements and contributions our women veterans make every day. Impacting a woman veteran’s life not only positively changes her life, but also her family’s and the community in which she lives.”         Melissa Washington, Founder of Women Veterans Alliance
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