“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
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Hosting and Sponsoring A Vanquishing The Invisible Portrait Exhibit

Vanquishing the Invisible is a powerful visual statement raising awareness of the toughest challenge Women Veterans face today - invisibility.

By making Women Veterans visible it validates their service and value. On a grander scale it makes their contributions real.

These images instill emotions, bring out visceral responses - a connection between the Veteran and the community. Portraits representative of the role Women Veterans have played at this point in history, a significant time for women in our country now and in perpetuity.

As a community and a nation we need to acknowledge and recognize the sacrifices of Women Veterans. We need to take the time, read their stories, and look into their eyes.

Your donation will help bring these portraits and stories to every city hall, or capitol rotunda, in corporate headquarters, libraries, and schools. We want to bring these stories to our community here, we want these stories to resonate nationally.
... honored to be among the fearless females who have made our military the best in the world. James and Mara Morrison have done an outstanding job at showcasing these little-known stories of dedication to our country. 
Col. Patsy Thompson, U. S. Air Force  (Retired)
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