“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
Vanquishing The Invisible will be displayed at the California State Fair during
Military and Veteran Appreciation Day, July 18th continuing on July 19th in the Fair Arts Building 7
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James R. Morrison Photography announces a Women Veteran

Portrait Exhibit at California State Fair for 

Military and Veteran Appreciation Day


Celebrating Military and Veteran Appreciation Day, the California State Fair will host an exhibit by James R. Morrison Photography entitled “Vanquishing the Invisible.” Housed in the Fine Arts Building 7 of the California State Fair, the exhibit uses powerful imagery and narrative to reveal the sacrifices, triumphs, and lives of a diverse set of Northern California women veterans.

“I feel invisible as a Veteran,” is a statement voiced by many Women Veterans, officers and enlisted, women in combat, and those in support functions here and around the world. And because they look like anyone else in society, their military accomplishments and contributions to the community are often invisible to the public. James and Mara Morrison felt compelled to change that.

“Vanquishing the Invisible” is an original series of portraits and stories of Northern California Women Veterans defying invisibility to answer the question “What Does A Women Veteran Look Like?”.

Located in the Fine Arts Building 7 of the California State Fair, the exhibit is open on: 

Thursday, July 18th through Friday, July 19th.

“Vanquishing the Invisible,” created by James and Mara Morrison, “is an inspiring portrait exhibit of Northern California Women Veterans, created to raise awareness on the toughest issue they face – invisibility.”

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