“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
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TOPICS Include:
Vanquishing The Invisible 
Shattered Perceptions
Valuable Resource 
Opportunities Changed, Not Attitudes
Things to know about
James & Mara Morrison
1. James and Mara dedicated four years to Vanquishing The Invisibility of Northern California Women Veterans. Women who impact our communities by their service, sacrifice, and contributions, yet they remain invisible to the public and even to other Veterans.
2. Mara feels a strong sense of connection to today's Women Veterans. Tough, resilient women. She incorporates the lesson from her late father (US Army Air Corp.) about WWII women pilots who proved themselves worthy of the title Veteran. Mara will share why being a staunch supporter of Women Veterans, a growing segment of American Veterans, is important.
3. James is a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran with 30 plus years as a portrait photographer and is a graduate of National Speakers Association, Northern California speakers academy. He shares how experiences returning from active duty during the Vietnam conflict adds context to the experiences of our current Women Veterans face today.
4. Discover the pervasive cloak of invisibility these Women Veterans face every day and how that impacts their ability to receive medical care, get decent jobs and provide a roof over their heads. Our intention is to open the viewers’ eyes to a world unknown and, for many, never experienced—the world of a Woman Veteran.
5. Appreciation grows as understanding and discovery change our perceptions. Our perceptions were rocked as we listen to their unique experiences. Hearing their stories and seeing their faces will bring a new understanding of the many struggles and challenges facing veterans, especially Women Veterans. 
What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like
For military women, invisibility is linked to everything from problems reintegrating when leaving the service to adverse health outcomes. Being seen means social support, access to community resources, and recognition for service. It is to this important cause that the Morrisons’ work contributes powerfully. What Does a Woman Veteran Look Like? is a powerful book meant to empower, inspire, and honor. 
Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas, Professor of Public Health and Marine Corps veteran
... honored to be among the fearless females who have made our military the best in the world. James and Mara Morrison have done an outstanding job at showcasing these little-known stories of dedication to our country.  
Col. Patsy Thomas, U. S. Air Force  (Retired)
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