“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison

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"I feel invisible as a Veteran”

A statement voiced by many Women Veterans, officers and enlisted, women in combat, and those in support functions here and around the world. And because they look like anyone else in society, their military accomplishments and contributions to the community are often invisible to the public. We felt compelled to change that.

Vanquishing the Invisible is a series of portraits and stories of Northern California Women Veterans defying invisibility to answer the question What Does A Women Veteran Look Like?  Our exhibit challenges public perceptions about the women who served our country and continue to serve our communities.

Join our mission to foster the changes needed in our society so these amazing women warriors and their families are recognized and celebrated. Serving them with greater dignity, respect, and care should be our national priority. 

J Mara Morrison, Writer
James R Morrison, Photographer

We embraced a commitment to bring attention to these remarkable women, 
ensuring they’re recognized, acknowledged, and never forgotten.

The three years we dedicated to this extraordinary portrait project, our mission transformed from answering a simple question posed by collaborator and Women Veterans Alliance President, Melissa Washington, to focusing on helping the public to discover and to understand the challenges Women Veterans face every day.  (Read More About Our Commitment)

“Women Veterans are often assumed to be spouses of a veteran. We are on a mission to change that assumption. Working together, we can not only change perceptions but bring to light the vast achievements and contributions our women veterans make every day. Impacting a woman veteran’s life not only positively changes her life, but also her family’s and the community in which she lives.”         Melissa Washington, Founder of Women Veterans Alliance
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