“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
Vanquishing The Invisible will be displayed at the California State Fair during Military and
Veteran Appreciation Day, July 18th continuing on July 19th in the Fine Arts Building 7
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Thank you for your interest in “Vanquishing the Invisible”. From the beginning, you recognized the value and importance of bringing these portraits and stories to the public. We truly appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.
Suzi Vinci
U.S. Navy
Suzi Vinci is a Northern California native. She was born at Mather Air Force Base, located in Rancho Cordova. She comes from a strong military family background with a total of five generations serving in the United States Military spanning conflicts beginning with World War I. She served over fourteen years in the U.S. Navy between active duty and reserve.  She was attached to the Commander and Chief of the Pacific Fleet Detachment 520, Naval Reserve Recruiting Command Det 1 and Special Boat Unit Det 122, serving in an administrative role as a Yeoman. During her time in the Navy/Naval Reserve, she was fortunate to be part of some incredible units that afforded her opportunities to see places in the world she would not see otherwise.
Suzi began her journey in veteran services in early 2007 as a State Service Officer for AMVETS. She is a lifetime member of both AMVETS and VFW. In 2013 she transferred to Sacramento County Veteran Services and in December 2014 became a Placer County Veteran Services team member.
She has an extensive background working with the female veterans in her community and surrounding areas. She has recently been appointed as a member of the Women’s Health Steering Committee with the VA Northern California Health Care System. In March 2018, Suzi was appointed Veterans Services Officer with Placer County assisting veterans and their families in obtaining benefits through the Veterans Benefits Administration and the California Department of Veterans Affairs.
She and her husband Tom, own a local sound, stage, and lighting business. Her husband is the Front of House sound engineer for Pablo Cruise, and the drummer for Superlicious, a local 1980’s cover band.  Outside of her regular job, Suzi’s life is centered on family, music, and travel.
We received the highest praise on the surveys and in personal comments affirming this project touches viewers in a deep and profound way. Their use of words like, “powerful”, “enlightening”, “passionate”, “thought-provoking”, and (we really liked this one) “take it national” reinforces our belief in this critically important exhibit.
However, “Vanquishing the Invisible” cannot continue - or grow - its outreach without your support. We would be honored if you would take a moment to help fund this project.
There’s so much more we can accomplish if we do it together. Your support will help others attend future exhibits and continue the outreach to new audiences.
Thanks to you, these stories and portraits are possible.

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“Women Veterans are often assumed to be spouses of a veteran. We are on a mission to change that assumption. Working together, we can not only change perceptions but bring to light the vast achievements and contributions our women veterans make every day. Impacting a woman veteran’s life not only positively changes her life, but also her family’s and the community in which she lives.”         Melissa Washington, Founder of Women Veterans Alliance
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