“Vanquishing The Invisible”
An Independent Portrait Project  by James R Morrison and J Mara Morrison
Vanquishing The Invisible will be displayed at the California State Fair during Military and
Veteran Appreciation Day, July 18th continuing on July 19th in the Fine Arts Building 7
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Thank you for your interest in “Vanquishing the Invisible”. From the beginning, you recognized the value and importance of bringing these portraits and stories to the public. We truly appreciate your support and we look forward to seeing you at a future event.
Lt. Col. Sara Reed, Ed.D
U.S. Air Force
Lt. Col. Sara Reed is a veteran and Reserve officer of the United States Air Force. Sara was commissioned as an officer in May 2001 and served on active duty for her first assignment at Shaw AFB, SC. She served as a logistics officer, supporting deployments in support of Operations Northern Watch, Southern Watch, and other post-9/11 operations. Following experience in logistics and personnel, Sara was selected to cross-train into the intelligence career field.  In this field, she continued to serve on active duty with a two- year assignment to Osan Air Base, South Korea. Following this assignment, Sara moved with her husband to Arizona, where she supported operations in Southern Command, including the rescue of hostages in Colombia and support to Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. Additionally, she deployed to the Combined Air and Space Operations Center in 2009. In 2010, Sara transitioned to the U.S. Air Force Reserve when her twin daughters were born. She continues to serve as a Reserve officer.
As a civilian, Sara joined the University of California, Davis, in 2012 as the Chief Administrative Officer for the BFTV Cluster, supporting four academic departments within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and College of Engineering. In July 2014, Sara became the Director of the Shared Services Center, leading a team of administrative professionals in providing partner-focused support services, for 7,000+ staff and student employees on the campus. Since becoming the Director of the University of California Davis Shared Services Center, Sara led her team through team redesigns, designing and executing a campus and client engagement strategy, resulting in the highest client satisfaction rate to date for the Shared Services Center. She was active in the campus community, volunteering in a variety of capacities to support employee development, diversity, and continuous improvement and creativity. Sara earned her BA in Russian Area Studies, Masters of Science in Management and a Masters of Arts in Higher Education Leadership, and Doctorate in educational leadership and management.
Sara’s current title is Associate Vice President, People & Workplace Culture, at Salt Lake Community College and is a visiting Assistant Professor at Gladys L. Benerd School of Education with the University of the Pacific. In these roles, she works to build leaders who transform lives and communities through inclusive and transformational leadership. As of June 2019, Sara serves as the Commander of the 50th Intelligence Squadron at Beale AFB, CA.
We received the highest praise on the surveys and in personal comments affirming this project touches viewers in a deep and profound way. Their use of words like, “powerful”, “enlightening”, “passionate”, “thought-provoking”, and (we really liked this one) “take it national” reinforces our belief in this critically important exhibit.
However, “Vanquishing the Invisible” cannot continue - or grow - its outreach without your support. We would be honored if you would take a moment to help fund this project.
There’s so much more we can accomplish if we do it together. Your support will help others attend future exhibits and continue the outreach to new audiences.
Thanks to you, these stories and portraits are possible.

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“Women Veterans are often assumed to be spouses of a veteran. We are on a mission to change that assumption. Working together, we can not only change perceptions but bring to light the vast achievements and contributions our women veterans make every day. Impacting a woman veteran’s life not only positively changes her life, but also her family’s and the community in which she lives.”         Melissa Washington, Founder of Women Veterans Alliance
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