Ten Women Answer the  Question
What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?
“Everyone assumes that my husband is the veteran and he never served in the military.
I feel INVISIBLE.”        

Today’s number one challenge for a Woman Veteran
 is being recognized as a Veteran.
When Women Veterans come home few recognize their skills or treat them with dignity and respect, leaving them feeling invisible. In collaboration with the Women Veterans Alliance, we chose to recognize and honor today's Women Veterans with a series of intimate portraits accompanied by their personal stories, written to forge an understanding of their military experience. 
Ten Women Answer the Question
What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?
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Our Mission
To bring recognition and awareness to our Women Veterans by showing their faces and sharing their stories.
To recognize Women Veterans in the larger category of American Veterans who deserve honor and respect for their service.

“Fighting for the spotlight is tough, even when your cause deserves a voice. “What Does A Woman Veteran look Like?” embraced the challenge to bring recognition to a once “Invisible” segment of American Veterans  - Women Veterans!”

“What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?” is an original series of portraits with accompanying stories exploring the often overlooked segment of American Veterans - Women Veterans. Each portrait and story combination reveals their strength forged by military experiences.

“What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?” began as a series of portraits, transformed into book form and now, with community support is in development as a series of exhibits and presentations.

James and Mara maintain their mission to highlight women who served our country on the frontlines in Afghanistan and Iraq and behind the lines as essential support to those in combat. Their military careers include nuclear instructor, intelligence, linguist, supply specialist, MATV driver, recruiter, and communications expert. Each sacrificing personal safety to defend our country.

With “What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?” books and accompanying exhibitions, Mara and James Morrison introduce the public to this vibrant and dedicated community resource - Women Veterans.

By selecting one or more of the methods below, you will be providing additional resources to help share our message recognizing Women Veterans. 
Sponsor or donate to our gallery of images to put a Face on our Women Veterans for exhibits in businesses, museums, and educational institutions.
Sponsoring a gallery helps Women Veterans self-identify as Veterans and encourage them to seek the services they deserve.
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Donate a book to your school or library so the next generations will read the contributions Women Veterans make to our national defense and those they make to our communities every day.

25% of your purchase is donated to Women Veterans Alliance.


Schedule a speaking engagement or presentation.
Start a dialogue actively acknowledging Women Veterans by sharing our project with local service organizations, networking groups, and business associations. Working together as a community, we will find new ways to welcome our Women Veterans and help them reintegrate back into civilian life.

“Most of us don’t go around wearing Navy ball caps, wearing shirts that say what branch we served in. We come home, we take off our uniform and let our hair down and nobody stops to think, and ask us if we’ve served.”                              Stephanie A. Stone, Chief Deputy Director of the Los Angeles County, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

“A lot of veterans come into my office and see me, and assume I’m just a woman that got the job, they don’t realize I’m a veteran,”                                                      Sylinthia Burges, Veterans Counselor, New York, Nassau County Veterans Services

What Does A Woman Veteran Look Like?

She’s your mother, sister, daughter or neighbor.

She’s a student, business owner or community leader.

Why we embraced this project

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